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Who is theDaddy.Guide?

We are an intimate group of fathers in our 20’s, 30′, 40’s (and one or two in our 50’s!) that test and review Baby and Toddler products. We are a diverse group from all walks of life. We’re Doctors, we’re Teachers, we’re Artists and Military dads. We’ve created this trusted review guide as a one-stop source for dads to make the parenting experience easier and less expensive.

What is theDaddy.Guide? is your trusted resource for everything baby and toddler product related for the modern day dad.  The market for baby products is MASSIVE and selecting strollers and high chairs and training bikes is not only daunting, but super costly. reviews a lot (and I mean A LOT) of products and we narrow most of the verticals down to a top 10 list so you have a manageable amount of options before making a selection.  Keep in mind, in almost all cases; we’ve listed products that we ‘like’ and products that we ‘use’.  The rating process allows you to drill down based on your personal preferences of cost, safety, ease of use, and style!

Why theDaddy.Guide?


The modern day household is MUCH different from when we were being raised.  The new normal might be single dads, households with 2 dads, and families where mom might be the breadwinner and dad may be the primary caretaker.  With digital jobs on the rise and the remote workforce growing, Dad’s from all walks of life are very involved in child rearing and we’re here to serve as your trusted resource, a knowledge base, and cost saving coupons when applicable.

Why buy from links?


CARING.  We make a small commission if you buy though our site which we roll back into the website.  This lets us keep sharing valuable information and detailed reviews!

TRUSTED.  We’ve done a lot of research so you don’t have to!

EXPERTS.  We consist of a network of some fantastic dads that have tested a wide variety of baby and toddler products!

COST EFFECTIVE.  Our videos and tutorials will show you configurations, setups, usability of products, and bad jokes.  You can now buy nice and not twice!

HANDSOME.   We mentioned the bad jokes, right?

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