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Proud Parenting Interview

theDaddy.Guide Interview with Jeff bennett


Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Publisher and primary driver behind Proud Parenting –, Jeff Bennett.  For those of you who aren’t aware of they are firm advocates of parenting and leading by example through inspiration and education.

Proud Parenting is actively working to inspire, educate, and empower lesbian and gay parents and prospective parents that are considering embarking on this wonderful journey.  The modern day family dynamic has taken drastic turns since past generations and continues to evolve and grow.  What better way to bring awareness and strength to this growing demographic other that from Jeff himself!

Let’s hear what Jeff has to say…

Hi Jeff.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.  How many years have you run the publication?


Thank you for your interest in the work we do at Proud Parenting.  My husband and I started the website in 2004, soon after our daughter was born.  We created our Facebook page in 2009, & we’ve just started work on our Instagram and Twitter presence.

What inspired you to be such a strong voice for empowering lesbian and gay parents?


My husband and I lived in San Francisco for thirteen years, and anyone who spends that much time in a liberal bubble comes away as an activist.  In its infancy, I linked to articles on & Facebook that I believed were relevant to lesbian and gay parents.  Mostly, the articles were political in nature, and I’d share a photo of my little family once a week.  Soon, families from everywhere were flooding my in-box with their own family photos.  They wanted to be seen.  They wanted to be part of this wave of LGBT parents.  I’m inspired by the parents who send their family photos for us to share with the world – and I’m being an activist at the same time!

theDaddy.Guide speaks to Dads of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity, and sexual orientation… are you open to sharing a bit about your parenting journey?  Do you have children of your own?  What is your family dynamic like?


My husband and I were together fourteen years before our daughter, Chloe, came along.  He and I were partners as entrepreneurs, and parenting was a logical progression in our successful relationship.  We worked with Growing Generations surrogacy and egg donation agency, based in Los Angeles, to create a team which included the surrogate, a separate egg donor, doctors, nurses, and lawyers.  Our surrogate already had her own child (this is a requirement of many surrogacy agencies), and her family lived in Portland.  She told us she loved being pregnant with her child, and she wanted the opportunity to give a family to a loving gay couple.  Needless to say, she was our angel!  Now we’re Facebook friends with her.

Our daughter is twelve now, and she’s definitely testing her strength and our will.  She’s a straight “A” student, loves Instagram, and emotional pop songs.

This is more of an observation than a question.. you have nearly 300k Facebook ‘Likes’.  That’s almost 0.1% of the U.S. population, that’s wildly successful!  Do you feel accomplished by this?


Of course I’m impressed and overwhelmed.  We are showcasing beautiful, happy families to combat the hateful rhetoric and crimes happening in the world.

In an ideal world, how would you like to see the landscape of gay and lesbian parenting in 10 or 20 years from now?  Are there certain issues, concerns you are actively fighting for at the moment?


Eventually, there will be so many gay and lesbian parents that the phenomenon will end, and we will be thought of as just another parent.  Currently – though – my family is one of the first gay families at our daughter’s private school.  I can sense the hesitation, calculation, and embrace of parents around me.  The best thing a lesbian or gay parent can do is be visible in their children’s school.  Everything falls into place (good or bad) from that point.  Attend functions – don’t hide.  It’s important to show your children and the people around you that your family belongs to the school community.

Being that we are a trusted baby and toddler review website, is there any product on the market (or product you used in the past) that you’d like to endorse… here’s your platform! 🙂


We loved our “Diaper Dude Diaper Bag” in camoflauge! We buy them for the new gay dads in our life.

Thank you for for sharing your heartwarming and inspirational story.  Very impressive what you all have accomplished as a family.  For me personally, a big takeaway from this interview is that no matter what challenges or struggles you face, take them head on, never hide and never live in fear or embarrassment.

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