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Thanks for stopping by (or re-stopping by)! That’s me in the picture above. That’s my youngest son Eddie (aka Teddy) in my lap and off to the right is Eli photo bombing while on his potty making sure he deposited something in there. Here’s a short little background on who I am, and what this site is all about.  I’m just a dad of 2 kids, quite like you possibly:  I work (in my case I run an Executive Search Firm), I run to pick the kids up from preschool/daycare before 6pm 2-3 times a week, and I do my best to practice patience so I don’t lose my mind parenting 2 kids under 3 years old!  And at the end of the day…I blog about parenting and review a variety of products, except for that last detail – I’m just like you (unless you blog too, in which case we’re the same, except our kids are most likely different).

I grew up in Long Island, NY.  Rockville Centre to be exact (The Rock!).  That was a shout out to the minutely small percentage of folks that might actually be from Rockville Centre.  I went to the University of Miami for Undergraduate and Graduate school.  I returned to NY at around 22 years old and moved to Manhattan.  I paid a lot of money for rent for a lot of years until I met my wife, Nerissa.  I somehow convinced her not only to move down south to Miami, but to marry me too. She obliged (to both) and now we have 2 great sons, Eli and Eddie. Currently we fill our spare time acting as “those parents” that can’t leave the house without 16 different bags, diapers, portable potties, multiple devices to transport the kids (scooters, strollers, baby carriers a quasi bike), formula and of course, snacks. Because if it weren’t for the power of snacks, we wouldn’t have much leverage in the house.


When I was 28 my sister had her first child.  When I was 31 she had her second son and I was fortunate enough to have 2 wonderful, smart and healthy nephews.  Since they lived in California I was good for 2 trips a year to LA to see them.  By the time they were 3 and 6 I found myself hiding in the laundry room because it was the only place in the house they couldn’t seem to find me.  I would literally ready my iPAD on the washing machine just to have 10 minutes of silence.  In retrospect, I don’t think I was yet ready for kids at that time.


January 1, 2015 we rang in the new year with baby Eli.  It was magical, and emotional and everything I’d imagined having a child would be like.  Except for the delivery room.  That was WAAAY more casual than what I had expected.  I mean, I didn’t even have any warning.  Nerissa went from 1cm dilated to 10cm in like 5 minutes and before I had time get behind any type of “curtain” I morphed into Robin to the OBGYN’s Batman in the delivery room.  I was like Watson to his Sherlock! I was probably more like Stimpy to his Ren, but a team is a team, regardless. Ultimately, I felt like an Obstetrician that day, and I had the scrubs to prove it.


Less than 2 years later we were back in the same hospital, same floor (different room) getting ready for baby Eddie.  I’m sure my wife was nervous, but I rolled in there with swagger.  Hand shake for the doc, high five for the nurses, I walked through the halls with theme music playing in my head.

Well, things don’t always go as planned and 12 hours later we were in surgery for a C-section and suddenly I started feeling like whatever the opposite of a doctor is.  Like a guy who might have fainted if I watched one more second of the C-Section surgery.  But just like we were rushed into the OR, baby Eddie came rushing into our lives and instantaneously we were a family of 4.


I’ve never blogged, or reviewed any type of product.  But, as we were buying immense amount of sh*t from Amazon (literally, the Amazon Prime guy is at our house like twice a day) I started finding out that half the stuff we bought, sucked. To put in perspective how much Amazon delivery was coming to the house, our dog hates delivery guys (like bite you in the jugular type hate), but he’s totally cool with the Amazon guys, it’s like they became friends over time.  It’s weird.

So that was it, I built a website, enlisted a tight group of young to middle aged dads that are in the same boat as me, and invited some of them to guest review products they love.  Most of them are much smarter than me, and subsequently write a lot better than me (or is it ‘I’?).  In the event they were in the bottom 10% of their high school class, I edit the reviews. I also was an English major in college if that gives me any additional street cred.

In addition to running an Executive Search firm, I spend time with Nerissa, our 2 insane kids (just kidding, they’re only mildly insane), our dog Owen and I try and stay in shape by training for triathlons. We live on Miami Beach and are fortunate enough to have a lot of great friends and mostly good weather to enjoy being outside.


theDaddy.Guide is a resource for new parents to help them make good decisions when buying baby and toddler products. We purchase all the items we review in efforts to bring you the real deal about everything we write-up.  Any commissions we make from clicking our links gets rolled back into the site so we can continue to review and rate stuff!

Welcome to the site– and thanks for reading!

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