Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

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Welcome to the Daddy.Guide’s Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review. For this stroller review, we’ve brought in special guest, special dad, special product reviewer (drum roll please) Dan Rubenstein.  Dan guest blogs for us sharing his expertise on dog and kids as he’s a master dog trainer and owner of the Dog Daycare Center Pups Pet Club.  More importantly, Dan is the father to a set of twin girls and has been kind enough to spend a week using the Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT in the windy city of Chicago.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review“As a dad of twins, I want a double stroller I can rely on, something easy to use, great features and a reasonable price. Is that too much to ask for?”

The City Mini Double GT turned out to be a mighty fine all-terrain double stroller that has the looks and the tricks.  With this double stroller you can take your little ones off the beaten path, it reclines enough for napping and is super easy to fold and car seat compatible.  NOTE – This is the same stroller as the Baby Jogger City Mini Double, but, the GT has some additional features that Dan highlights below.  We’ve also reviewed the single stroller Baby Jogger City Mini which was one of theDaddy.Guide’s favorite compact strollers!

Now, let’s have a closer look at the Double GT!

What’s new for the 2016 GT?

  • Size/Weight – The pre-2016 version is 26.6 lbs, the 2016 version jumped to 32.5 lbs.  Both strollers have the same width (30” wide)
  • Wheels/Suspension The wheels are 8.5”  foam filled tires (no need to pump the tires anymore!).  The older model was made from plastic. Nice upgrade here.
  • Braking –  New convenient hand brake on the side
  • Accessories – New for the GT are the following accesories: all-terrain tires, adjustable handlebar, taller seats and extra padded seats

Daddy 5-Point Review 



Right out of the box I wasn’t intimated by the City Mini Double GT.  It comes in 3 parts, the frame, the wheels and the canopy(s). It didn’t take me more than a few minutes to put together. Here’s a 1 minute video I watched from Baby Jogger to avoid reading the manual –> City Mini Double GT Assembly video.  This is their video for the single stroller, but it worked just the same.


The Look

The City Mini Double GT has nice fabric and well padded seats. It comes in Black/Black, Crismon/Grey, Charcoal/Charcoal or Teal/Grey.  It’s good looking, just as good looking as the City Mini Single… only multiplied by two!  It strikingly resembles the Britax B-Agile Double and after doing some research turns out that Baby Jogger created the look and the design back in 2007 and Britax “created a similar one” several years later (2011 to be exact).  The longer story is that B.O.B and Britax merged in 2011 which is the same year the Britax B-Agile (and B-Agile Double) came out.  Coincidence… who knows?!


Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT ReviewBaby Jogger City Mini Double GT ReviewBaby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review 

Ease of opening and Closing

Lift the straps and voilà! The fold really is as easy as it sounds. It even has a self lock for when you want to store it.  We keep a car in the city and I spent a better part of the week walking the city or driving to local parks with the girls with the City Mini Double GT in tow.  The 2 handle pull system is super easy and one tug on the handles and it’s folded compactly.  I have an SUV (2 kids 1 dog) so getting it in and out of the GMC was very easy.  It should fit fine in a mid sized sedan as well.



The Double GT has all terrain wheels (can support more weight) and goes up to 65 lbs.  That’s a big toddler.  The wheels will allow you to take a shortcut through the grass and not have to worry about uneven sidewalks or bumps on the road.

Keep in mind that this stroller is not made for jogging, although the girls and I were whipping thought the city in it and it more than held up fine.

If you want to make a quick stop you can use the  single action brakes that are really easy to set. I did notice that the pedals can be hard to release, and you definitely need a proper shoe on to release it. I wouldn’t recommend doing it in sandals, I can tell you from experience.

It also has a hand-operated parking break on the handlebars which I liked (and used) a lot.



  • Large canopies with peek-a-boo windows

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

  • Adjustable 5 or 3 point harness
  • Easy and compact fold

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

  • Adjustable handlebar with hand-operated parking break

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

  • 2 back Mesh pockets

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

  • All terrain wheels

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review

  • Retractable weather cover
  • Reclinable seats with ventilation
  • Converts into a travel system

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT Review 

Where to Buy


Thanks for checking out the Daddy.Guide’s reviews. And special thanks to Dan for taking the time to review the Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT!


  • Compact, easy fold
  • Turns into travel system
  • Car seat compatible
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Can be used from birth (with bassinet) to toddlerhood
  • 5 point harness easy to use


  • Average storage basket
  • Action brakes hard to release


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