Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review

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Baby Jogger Summit x3 ReviewInterested in a Single Sport Jogging Stroller? Welcome to the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review!  This hybrid jogger which can double as an everyday stroller brings an uninterrupted, smooth ride to all parents. It has all wheel suspension and a remote wheel lock on the handlebar which compliments jogging and strolling.

It has a one hand fold,  a seat that reclines nearly flat and a retractable weather cover. The sun canopy is large with two peek-a-boo windows; it can be adjusted to multiple positions and has 2 side vents for when it is hot outside.

Also to be noted, this stroller can convert to a travel system with a compatible car seat adapter.  This stroller is rated up to 75 pounds maximum weight.  Not just ready to pack up Junior and get going yet?  Let’s take a deeper dive into the Summit X3 and see how this measures up as an all terrain jogging stroller.

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Kudos to baby jogger as the Summit X3 is not complex when it comes to assembling, though the instruction manual may intimidate a dad or two. Unlike the BOB Revolution Pro and the Thule Urban Glide you will have to snap on the canopy.  I personally don’t love having to deal with the canopy, but in baby joggers defense, it’s a pretty simple job.  Snap in the three wheels and you’re ready to roll… literally.  No tools required and if you check out the video below, you should be good to go within minutes.


The Look

The Summit X3 is on the beefy side weighing in at  28 pounds (just shy of the BOB Revolution Pro). Its large and comfy seat can hold a child up to 75 pounds. It has your typical 3 oversized bicycle wheels (two 16″ wheels in the back and a 12″ single wheel in the front), as other joggers do and a large sun canopy overhead, which can be removed. The seat covers are machine washable in case a mess occurs, and by that I mean ‘when’ a mess occurs.

The joggers design is sleek and chic and is available in three color combinations: black and grey, green and grey, and orange and grey.  See image below:

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

All 3 Colors


Ease of opening and Closing

Folding the Summit X3 is easy and only takes one hand to simply pull the handle on the stroller, however you must first remove the safety snapping straps that prevent the stroller from folding accidentally. Side note, we review and rank the ease of opening and closing, because this can be a pain in the a$$ and it can also piss your back off (queue the laugh track).  Unfolding can be more challenging, requiring some strength to hold up stroller in the air to open it. (28 pounds exactly). Say goodbye to ‘dad-bod’.

Even though this jogger is on the heavier side, a very nice feature is that when folded it takes up little space, which is very convenient for storing and for the urban dwellers.


The Summit X3 is ideal for a jog on and off pavement or hard surfaces. It also does well running through deep gravel. When it comes to sharp turns, there are no issues in tighter spaces with its shorter wheelbase.  I took it out on the track with the boy and it handled fine.  Don’t judge me.  The ride gets a little bumpy when coming off road, depending on the surface. Just make sure to watch out for bumps on the road, especially when coming at them with full speed. CAUTION: It’s possible to tip over if not careful.

Since it is heavier than most joggers, it is a little harder to maneuver. But overall, the Summit X3 has a solid build. The molded plastic wheels are sturdy, offering three-wheel suspension that enable a smoother ride, absorbing small bumps.

The Summit X3 has a single action break system that is easy to set. The remote wheel lock on the handlebar allows you to easily shift between swivel mode and a locked position for the front wheel. This is a super cool feature, the Thule and the BOB you have to bend down and manually change the position.  Call me lazy, but I like it.

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Remote Wheel Lock on Handlebar

The swivel wheel makes it easy to maneuver on busy sidewalks or streets and in small places, while the locked front wheel is best for jogging or in case the terrain gets rough. On the downside, the deceleration break is a bit tight and might need some work in slowing down the jogger more effectively.


5-point harness – easily adjusts to proper shoulder height of child


Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Contains a safety wrist strap – attaches to the stroller in case you lose hold of the handlebar

Hand break – when you are headed down hill or need to slow down

Remote wheel lock on the handlebar – allows you to  switch between swivel mode and a locked position for the front wheel.

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review


All-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Seat Recline – Comfortable seat reclines to a near flat position with vents and a retractable weather cover

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review


Rubber handlebar – covered with slip resistant material for a firm grip and easy to clean (rather than other foam ones that absorb sweat)

Mesh window – allows air to come in once seat is reclined (Perfect for those warm summer days)

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Mesh pocket – store keys, a cell phone and other small items

Large basket – easily accessed beneath seat

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Foot break in between the rear wheels

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

One-hand fold

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Large canopy rated at SPF of 50+.  Shields baby from sun and rain

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Where to buy


You can purchase the Baby Jogger Summit X3 at Amazon for $429.00 (free shipping/free returns/no sales tax!).
You can also purchase the previous years model on Amazon for $399.00 in Green and Grey!
Check out the Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter and turn your stroller into a travel system for your infant –>  $55.99 on Amazon w/ Free Shipping

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

Thanks for checking out‘s stroller review for the Baby Jogger Summit X3, Helping you determine what’s really worth the extra bucks. Check out our other joggers to see which one suits you and your little one best!


  • Offers three wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • The 360 degree swivel front wheel is perfect for making your way through tight corners or crowded places
  • Hand break for deceleration
  • Jogging safety wrist strap
  • Easy to clean handle bar that is slip resistant
  • Large storage basket
  • Foot-operated break
  • Seat fabric is machine washable


  • Does not have an adjustable handlebar height
  • Heavy(ish)
  • Hand break is hard to squeeze (placement might get in the way)
  • No cup holder (but can be purchased additionally)
  • No automatic lock when you fold stroller (Must lock it manually with the velcro strap)
  • No standing fold
  • Pricey


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