Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Review

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Review

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Welcome to the Daddy.Guide’s Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Review. Looking to buy some time before you invest in a stroller for your child? Or just want to stroll your little one around in something simple that won’t break the bank? The Snap N Go EX definitely has some strong points

Aside from a great price, the Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal stroller frame is probably your best bet in regards to car-seat compatibility.  It fits almost all infant car seat brands which is very hard to accommodate. So, if you already have a car-seat and you just need a stroller frame, the Snap N Go is a good option.  The downside to this stroller is that the the car seat attachment mechanism isn’t the “click-in” type like most of the others on the market.

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal Stroller

In order to fully secure the car seat to the Snap N Go stroller frame, you rest it on the 2 adjustable straps across the opening of the stroller where the carrier sits (see adjacent image for the 2 adjustable straps).  Once the car-seat is resting on the on the straps that run across the stroller, there is a second set of straps that must be brought up and over the lower portion of the carrier to secure the carrier to the stroller.

If you fail to bring the second set of straps over the lower part of the carrier, the car seat won’t be attached properly and is kind of floating in the frame. Not using the straps leaves the carrier vulnerable to be launched from the stroller frame which is definitely ‘no bueno’.  Bottom line is if you are the forgetful type, this type of connecting mechanism may leave you feeling uneasy.  If you 100% connect the lower straps, you have a great stroller frame at a great price.  The compatible car seats include the following:

Peg Perego SIP and SIP 30/30; Graco Snugride, Snugride 32 and Safeseat; Evenflo Embrace and Discovery; Britax Companion and Chaperone; Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30; Maxi-Cosi Mico, Safety 1st onBoard Air; UPPAbaby Mesa; Baby Trend (all); Combi (all); Cosco (all); Mia Moda (all); Safety 1st (all)


Daddy 5-Point Review 


The Snap N Go is easy to assemble, but it does require a little more assembly than some other strollers since you have to attach the front and rear wheels and put together the console. Overall, it’s nothing to worry about.

Though I feel ecstatic about the price, I must mention that there are several features that are relatively average. Keep in mind, however, that stroller frames are for infant use, so you shouldn’t exactly be looking for all terrain wheels. Just something you can push around on a flat surface easily.

The Look

The stroller frame looks simple, and though safe, it felt a little wobbly to me. I found that it moves around a little when I was placing in the car seat.  It doesn’t come with a canopy but it’s almost not worth mentioning as you’ll  use the one on your own car seat.  The design is good looking, clean, functional.

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal Stroller

Ease of opening and Closing

Bad back?  Good news folks, this lift is pain free weighing in at 10.9 pounds and is a very lightweight option, great for travel and everyday use. You don’t have to bend down to fold it and you can do it with one hand, leaving the other free for your baby.  I’ve never had back issues, but 2 kids later and if I don’t lift something properly, my lower back acts up.  10.9 lbs is awesome.

It has a manual lock when folded, and you can roll it around like a piece of luggage or use the carry strap to hang it on your shoulder. Unfolding is just as easy as folding.

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal StrollerFunctionality

The dual plastic front wheel might make it harder to move around in than strollers with single wheels or rubber tires.  Keep in mind thought that stroller frames are NOT lifetime strollers. They’re just temporary, designed for infants, so you shouldn’t really be on rough terrain anyways. For smooth surfaces, it gets the job done.

As discussed above, when it comes to inserting the car seat on the frame, the strap installation system is quite different from other stroller frames (which is why it’s compatible to almost all car-seats). The frame has two adjustable straps across the opening of the stroller where the carrier sits. The first step is adjusting the two straps, so the carrier sits down inside the frame. Adjusting the straps is done with a plastic toggle that can be a little stiff and hard to adjust, but you should only have to work on this adjustment one time. Once the carrier is on the stroller, you are NOT done. Now is not the time to start strolling away with the baby on board because the second set of straps MUST be secured up and over the lower area of the carrier to make sure the car seat does not fly off mid stroll. Not to scare anyone away or anything but forgetting this step can be very dangerous.

Minor detail but the Baby Trend does have double action brakes, so you need to set the breaks on each side, not just on one for it to be properly parked.

Overall, I’d recommend this stroller for those first few months after your baby arrives, until they can sit up on their own. Then I would switch over to another stroller. But this is a good start for an amazing price!


  • 2-cup holder parent tray
  • Foot-activated Parking brake
  • XL storage basket

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal Stroller

  • Can be rolled like luggage
  • Works with almost all Car-seats

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal Stroller

  • Carry Strap Available
  • Compact fold

Baby Trend Snap n Go EX Universal Stroller


Where to buy –  Amazon!


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  • Lightweight
  • Budget friendly price
  • Compatible with almost all infant car seats
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for travel/transport


  • Storage bin only holds up to 5 pounds
  • Not the best quality wheels
  • Cup holders don’t hold cups well
  • Car seat connectivity mechanism can be dangerous if not used properly


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