BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

BEST Jogging Stroller!
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BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review


Welcome to the BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review.  If you’re serious about running or jogging or exploring some trails with your little ones, then you need to consider this bad boy.  Sturdy, durable, smooth ride coupled with a very functional hand brake… what more could you ask for?  Continue reading to find out if this is going to be the top stroller on your wish list for you and your running buddy.  Let’s run through the DADDY 5 POINT REVIEW and see how this thing measures up.

Daddy 5-point review

Ease of assembly

Right out of the box, this is going to be a 2-minute job.  The most difficult part is going to be ripping off the plastic bags and twist ties that hold a piece of protective foam to the handle bar.  Unfolding the stroller only requires 2 steps: 1. Unclip the red locking device that secures the handle bar to the chassis  2. Pull on one end and viola.  The two rear wheels clip into place with ease. The front wheel is a quick release so you have to line up the wheel with the holes for the axle, slide the bolt back through the holes and wheel, then screw the nut back on and you’re done!

BOB revolution pro quick release

B.O.B Revolution Pro quick release wheel

Ease of opening and closing

Opening and closing this stroller, super easy.  Grab the two clamps on either side of the handle bar then drop it forward.  Next pull on the red release to collapse the stroller all the way.  You can also use the red clip to secure the chassis to the handle bar.  Now go ahead and toss it in the back of your car and get going.  To open the stroller all you have to do is give it a quick pull or a shake and you’re ready to stroll again. Easy.

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Folded

The Look

The BOB Revolution Pro Stroller is a sleek looking sport stroller.  It comes in four colors: black/black, meadow(green)/black, canyon(orange)/black, lagoon(blue)/black.  Even when folded up and stowed away it has an interesting and cool edge to it.  If you are looking for one of the best-looking jogging strollers on the market… look no further!

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Colors


The Revolution PRO is BOB’s top of the line all terrain stroller.  Dare I say the Mercedes of running strollers. It comes fully loaded for all kinds of running adventures or just taking casual strolls.  Super sturdy and very versatile so you’ll be able to be on the go all the time.  It has hand-activated brakes on the rear wheels for maximum control when going downhill or when you need an extra bit of braking to keep your running partner safe.

It is truly an off and on-road trooper.  Comes with inflatable high-impart polymer tires and a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system that offers 3 inches of wheel travel and 2 stages of weight support, this is one of most versatile strollers on the market.

The ultra smooth ride comes with the ability to lock the front wheel in place for extra stability or keep it on the fly for turning in tight spaces.

Because parents come in all sizes the handlebar adjusts to 9 positions to perfectly fit the needs of everyone tall and short.  I also switch up the handlebar height on long runs when my arms need a break from being in the same position (love this flexibility).

The seat adjusts with one hand to allow for angled seating or the completely upright view for taking in all the surroundings.  Underneath the seat is an extra large storage compartment for all of their toys, supplies and maybe even a couple of your own creature comforts.

When you’re ready to get back in the car and hit the road, just a couple of clicks, a quick fold and its ready for the trunk.  Easy as pie.

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

Shocks – B.O.B Revolution Pro

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

Handlebar Positions – B.O.B Revolution Pro

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

Seat Recline and Storage Bin – B.O.B Revolution Pro


Hand activated rear drum brakes make for easy downhill stopping/slowing down or emergency control.

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Hand Break

Locking/swivel front wheel.  Lock it in for stability while running or doing some off road adventuring then let it swivel to maneuver around in tight spaces.

The padded handlebar adjusts to 9 comfortable heights so you can find your perfect position.

Your little one will ride along in complete comfort due to the state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system.  With 3 inches of wheel travel and 2 stages of weight support this stroller guarantees an ultra smooth ride.

Air-filled high-impact polymer tires add to the smooth ride no matter where your adventures take you.

Storing it is reasonable, at best.  There are 2 steps to fold this stroller up and its ready for the car or closet.  There’s an added clip to make sure it stays folded and secure.  The back 2 wheels are removable, at a click of a button, so it gets a bit more compact than when it’s just folded down.  The price you pay for such a sound and awesome stroller is that it’s heavier and bigger than most others.  Unfortunately, the BOB Revolution Pro doesn’t excel in its storing capabilities.

The seat recline or upright positioning adjusts at the simple squeeze of a button.

The seat is ultra padded with ventilation and a five-point harness to make sure your little one stays comfortable and safe.

The extra-large cargo basket gives you so much space you might even have extra room for some of your own items.

There are integrated pockets to hold those necessary snacks, drinks and other little toys.

The canopy is extra large and SPF 50+ to keep your buddy shielded from the sun or bad weather.

B.O.B Revolution Pro Review

B.O.B Revolution Pro Canopy

There’s a large viewing window, held down with Velcro, so you can keep an eye on them.

A foot-activated parking break holds the stroller in place when you need a breather.

This stroller also comes with a wrist wrap for an extra-added measure of safety while jogging.


Specs – BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

Weight: 30.5 lbs

Capacity:  8 weeks to 75 lbs., from birth with use of infant car seat adapter and compatible infant car seat.  Max height is 44 inches.

Frame Material:  High-strength aluminum alloy

Seat Material:  Poly and dobby weave fabrics with water repellent coating and open-cell foam padding.

Seat Recline: down to 70 degrees from vertical


Position 1: 0-40 lbs – Position 2: 41-75 lbs

Storage:  2 Interior seat pockets, 1 large seatback pocket and an extra large cargo basket underneath the seat.

Handle Bar Height:  34.5-48 in  Choice of 9 positions: 180 degree range

Overall Width: 25.4 in

Seat Width:  14.7 in

Folded with the wheels on: 39 X 16 in


Where to Buy

AMAZON is offering the B.O.B Revolution Pro in BLACK – CANYON – and LAGOON for  $499.00 with Free Shipping!

Also being offered by AMAZON is the B.O.B Revolution FLEX stroller for $449.00 with Free Shipping! (see image below):

B.O.B Revolution FLEX stroller

B.O.B Revolution FLEX stroller

I hope you’ve found this review of the BOB Revolution Pro Stroller helpful.  For other top reviews of the latest dad gear please have a look through our other pages.


  • Incredibly durable and made for runners
  • Hand brake for increased safety
  • Made of high-end materials all around
  • Three suspension and 2 different weight levels
  • Extra large cargo space
  • Locking/swivel front wheel
  • Great looking
  • Lots of accessories


  • Slightly larger than other strollers
  • Sometimes a portion of the sun canopy doesn’t stay down while running


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