Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

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Welcome to theDaddy.Guide’s Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review.  This compact stroller weighs in at 16.5 lbs and comes with a price tag of about $215.00 on Amazon.  This is a stable stroller that can handle a few bumps in the road and might very well make the cut in your stroller arsenal.  Below we’ll run down the Daddy 5 Point Review system and take a deeper dive into some of the great features from Britax and some potential cons.  Overall, the B-Agile 3 is an above-average compact stroller, good for every day use and travel, at a budget-friendly price.

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

This lightweight umbrella stroller is great for on the go. Traveling with your little one just got a little easier as the B-Agile 3 is an ideal travel system since it’s compatible with all Britax infant car seats.  If you prefer a different manufacturers seat, there is a car seat adapter available (for purchase) that will accommodate other brands.  Check out image on the left:

What’s new for 2017

The 2017 B-Agile 3 boasts several updates from it’s 2015 model. Though you might not be able to tell at first glance, the newer version has an improved larger basket that sits deeper and can be accessed from the back or sides. It has a more upright seat, and new foot rest design that does not allow your child’s feet touch the bottom. I must question the comfort of dangling feet but I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker. Lastly, and probably the greatest innovation is the wheels. They’ve added treading to the tires and also updated the rims, which equals a smoother ride.

***theDaddy.Guide Tip*** Something the manufacturer’s won’t tell you: The B-Agile 3 looks VERY similar to the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller, but has some different features for a similar price. So, you’ve got a win-win situation here.

Daddy 5-Point Review


This B-Agile 3 is very easy to put together compared to some of its competition. No tools are required!

The Look

The overall look is simple and practical without all the fluff of some of the other compact strollers. The Agile-3 comes in  Black, Meadow, Red, Cyan and Steel.  It has a very large seat. Your 4 year old will probably fit, not like you want to keep them in the stroller at 4, but in the event you need to, your child will ride comfortably.  (supports up to 55 pounds).  In case you want to make this your only stroller and purchase no more, you can! The seat has an infant headrest-support for your newborn.

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller ReviewBritax B-Agile 3 Stroller ReviewBritax B-Agile 3 Stroller ReviewBritax B-Agile 3 Stroller ReviewBritax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review


Ease of opening and Closing

This compact stroller folds quickly, (with the pull of a handle located on the seat) with only one hand needed, so transitions are easy and smooth. I did the obligatory hold my 4 month old in 1 hand and used my free hand to fold down the stroller… nailed it!  Also, it’s nice that the release handle is in the middle of the seat, so you don’t have to bend down that far.  There is an automatic lock to insure the stroller stays folded.  All-in-all, pretty easy, pretty sweet!

Unfolding is an easy two-hand process. It contains a safety release button to prevent little ones form folding the stroller while climbing in.


The 3-wheel configuration with swivel front wheels means you can head your way down crowded airports or streets with no problem. It is easy to push and turn, and you can do it with one hand while on the phone or carrying a piece of luggage.  Multi-tasking isn’t everyone’s strong point, so proceed at your own risk! The B-Agile 3 also has single action brakes that are easy to press with your foot. Moving off-road can be a little more challenging but it does roll through grass, as long as you don’t try to turn. It can be a little rough over gravel as the dual front wheel can catch on smaller bumps and rocks. But again, I wouldn’t let this stop me from purchasing the stroller if my use is primarily on the road.

The tires are foam filled plastic, which isn’t as nice as rubber, but they are larger than other plastic wheels which will enable a smoother ride.


  • Large storage bin.  Another upgrade for the 2017 model.  It’s a little larger and sits deeper and they’ve designed it so it’s a bit easier to access it from the back or the sides.

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

  • Large Canopy (w/ Peek-a-boo window). The canopy is a nice feature from for the B-Agile 3. Great for sun coverage and it has 3 panels with a large peekaboo window. The window is made out of black mesh which allows for air to pass though vs. the usual clear plastic, which is great. They haven’t upgraded to the magnetic close yet, because no one likes the noise from velcro with a sleeping baby.  Next year, Britax!Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review
  • Carry strap
  • Shoulder padding on the B-Agile harness
  • 5-point harness
  • Reclines almost flat
  • Compact Fold

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

  • Leg rest
  • All wheel suspension system
  • Automatic lock

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

  • Stroller weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 55 lb
  • Folded dimensions: 22.75″W  x 29″L x 10″H
  • Handle bar height: 40″
  • Seat to canopy height: 25″
  • Rear wheels: 9.5″
  • Front wheel: 5.5″
  • Overall length: 38.25″
  • Overall width: 22.75″

Where to buy

B-Agile can be purchased on Amazon for around $216.00 & Free Shipping!

Many users also purchase the Britax Stroller Organizer for $24.00 on Amazon

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller Review

Also check out the Britax B-Agile Child Tray (on Amazon) for $20.00 as well.


Thank you for taking the time to check out our Britax B-Agile 3 stroller review, New for 2017!  Browse the site for all you baby and toddler product questions, if we haven’t reviewed it, let us know at and we’ll have it purchased, reviewed and posted in under 30 days!


  • Lightweight
  • Compact, easy fold
  • Large storage bin
  • Comfortable seat
  • Large canopy
  • Can be used with a car seat


  • Does not include accessories (organizer, cupholder)
  • Leg rest non-adjustable


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