Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

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Welcome to the Daddy.Guide’s Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review. Everyone knows the Bugaboo brand. Those head-turning strollers, known for their smart design, maneuverability and of course their good looks.

This is the top-of the line double stroller that’s great for parents with 2 kids and those that don’t mind shelling out the big dollars for a stroller.  Before we dive deeper into The Donkey, let me preface this review by stating following: 1) This stroller is expensive 2) If you’re budget conscious, don’t entertain The Donkey as you can find something suitable for less money 3) If you’re down to spend the cash on this stroller, it’s friggin’ awesome!  Love the Sweeds for building this!

The Donkey is a convertible stroller, well made, long-lasting, and can be used from birth to toddlerhood. The Donkey has several modes: Mono (for a single child and a shopping bag on the side, Duo for more than one child (of different ages) or Twin mode. The two seats can face each other or the path ahead and they are car seat compatible. (Visit bugaboo.com/adapters to see which you can use.)

The 2017 model has added faux leather handlebar grips and a faux leather belly bar which is a tougher material than the original which was made of foam and looks pimp rolling down the street!

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The Donkey is not one of those strollers where you can skip reading the instructions in order to assemble. There are many parts and pieces to put together and the manual might seem a little like hieroglyphics at times. But stay the course, it’s all worth it in the end! Check youtube for an assembly video and it should help (hey, we’re a review site, not an un-boxing and assembly site!).

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

The Look

The look compliments its high quality.  A fine looking stroller to say the least.  The appearance is simple yet fashion-forward (and yes, I just used the word ‘fashion forward’). It’s a nice stroller to look at and it’s made of durable materials and quality fabric, which makes it long-lasting.

The Donkey has 3 color options for the frame (black, aluminum or the weekender) and 8 color options for the canopy and for the seat (soft pink, red, petrol blue, off-white, ice blue, grey melange, black, and Bugaboo by Niark1).  Some color options below.

This slim stroller is only 74cm wide, while the average side-by-side double buggy is 104cm wide. This is very convenient when entering crowded or smaller spaces, which is probably all the time!


Bugaboo Donkey Stroller ReviewBugaboo Donkey Stroller ReviewBugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

Ease of opening and Closing

This is probably one of it’s ‘less’ fine features of the Donkey. To fold it easily, you have to remove both seats, which can be annoying, especially when you’re in a rush. Because it is such a sturdy and smooth ride, the frame is heavy and it doesn’t stay locked in place all the time.  While you’re pulling it out of your car, it might just be opening up on you. This makes it a little complicated for traveling, however if you have enough space that you rarely ever have to fold it, then it’s perfect!

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review 


When it comes to functionality, the Donkey is overqualified. It can travel through any terrain, with its lockable front wheels and excellent shock absorption. A really great feature that also enables a smooth ride is its two-wheel mode, which allows you to pull the stroller over sand, snow, up stairs or up a curve with ease by folding the back wheels under the chassis.  The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller has the same cool feature for their single stroller version.

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review


  • Height-adjustable handlebars (11 different heights) –  This will accommodate parents of any size!

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

  • Reversible seats – The seat is 11″ wide with 19″ seat back.  There are two white levers on the side that unlock the seat and allow you to reverse it quite easily.
  • 3 position reclinable seats
  • 3 Configurations – Mono Configuration, Duo Configuration and Twin Configuration (see images below)

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller ReviewBugaboo Donkey Stroller ReviewBugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

  • All terrain air filled tires
  • Large sun canopy

Where to buy

You can get your Bugaboo Donkey Mono Stroller Bundle with an Aluminum Base with Red Tailored Fabric Set for $1329 on Amazon (with Free Shipping)

The Bugaboo Donkey Duo Stroller Bundle in Grey Melange or Red for $1719 on Amazon (with Free Shipping)

Also purchase the Bugaboo Donkey Complete Twin Stroller in Red and Black for $1765 on Amazon (with Free Shipping)



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  • Lots of side storage in “mono” mode  
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Large storage basket
  • Car seat compatible
  • Slim
  • Can be used from infant to toddler
  • Two-wheel position with two seats


  • No mesh sides for airflow on canopy (can be purchased separately)
  • Bulky when folded (unless seats are removed)
  • Expensive
  • No cup holders, snack trays, foot muff…(sold as extras)


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