7 Ways Fatherhood Made me a More Effective Executive

7 Ways Fatherhood Made me a More Effective Executive by: Peter Gandolfo On the surface, my roles as father and businessman seem unrelated.  I am an executive coach, and in my experience of being coached myself, I’ve learned that the two identities are intertwined. The strengths and learning edges that show up in my professional life are also present in my personal life. Even though I’m more than t...[Read More]

How to balance the demands of work and a newborn?!

Whether you’re coming off maternity leave (or you’re the supporting parent who’s heading back to work), having a baby in the house effects everyone.   Sleep is rare, the family dynamic has shifted and normalcy has flown out the window.  So how can you best handle a major life change like a newborn, the demands of work, and remain a good parent and a good partner? No matter matter...[Read More]

Proud Parenting – theDaddy.Guide sits down with Publisher Jeff Bennett

theDaddy.Guide Interview with Jeff bennett   Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Publisher and primary driver behind Proud Parenting – www.proudparenting.com, Jeff Bennett.  For those of you who aren’t aware of proudparenting.com they are firm advocates of parenting and leading by example through inspiration and education. Proud Parenting is actively working to inspire,...[Read More]

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