Maxi Taxi Review

Maxi Taxi Review

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Maxi Taxi ReviewWelcome to theDaddy.Guide’s Maxi Taxi Review! This is a stroller frame option, perfect for the urban or on-the-go parent. One of the main reasons I like the Maxi Taxi is because there are so many baby essentials and products needed with infants that the Maxi-Taxi is a way to lighten up the load.  Instead of purchasing a top of the notch (Usually heavier and bulkier) stroller, this is a temporary option to carry your baby around without having to pull them out of their car seat.  Maxi Taxi creates a compact, maneuverable travel system that is easy to use and makes traveling and running errands more convenient.

The Maxi-Taxi accepts Maxi-Cosi Mico, Mico Max 30 (special addition available on Amazon in Grey for $189.99!) and Prezi infant car seats.

Maxi-Cosi adapters are included, which means the frame will work with infant seats compatible with the adapters. Though it might be more beneficial to stick to the brand’s car seats for the best fit.

This 2016 updated version is much better than the previous.  The front wheel locks are larger so they are easier to press, and the opening and closing of the stroller has been simplified.  2 small changes that deliver big for the 2016 Maxi Taxi.

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Once you take out the Maxi-Taxi parts out of the box, you might feel the need to panic, but let me assure you this is an assembly with little effort.   It looks like there are a lot of pieces to attach, but it only takes a few steps to get it set up. You have to align and insert the front and rear wheels. Each wheel snaps into its proper place to secure with a click. No tools are needed you just simply aligned and push in for both front and rear wheels.

The Look

The Maxi-Taxi has a sturdy steel frame and comes in black. The material seems durable, and overall it looks like a nicely built frame, great for its intended use: infant car seats. Unfortunately when your little  angel outgrows the car seat, you pretty much have no more use for the Maxi-Taxi. So, put it to good use while you can!

You can choose the Maxi-Cosi seat of your choice, which gives you some room to play around with colors.

Maxi Taxi Review 

Ease of opening and Closing

Opening and closing the Maxi-Taxi is easy. Just place your foot on the lower lever and squeeze up on the levers by the handles and fold forward and inward. When folded it is small and compact and it stands up on its own. Just what you need for on-the-go. The ‘stand on its own’ feature is a nice option that not all stroller frames are capable of doing.  It’s a convenient option especially while balancing a baby, diaper bag and multiple items at once.


When it comes to adjusting the car seat to the frame, it can be tricky at first. I’d recommend some practice before trying it out with your little one. The car seat has to be perfectly lined up with the arms to lock in.  I’d chalk this up as more of a learning curve, than a challenge and once you understand how to properly line it up it will be a breeze.

If you’re looking to keep things as light as possible, I recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt Carseat, which is  the lightest premium infant car seat available!

The Maxi-Taxi is pretty easy to maneuver. The two single front wheels swivel and the two double rear wheels have a stroller lock to keep the stroller frame in place while you install the car seat over the top of the adapters. Your baby will fit comfortably and you’re in for a smooth ride, or as smooth as it gets with a stroller frame.  Overall the Maxi Taxi steers well and feels very comfortable to push.


Storage basket – 

Large storage basket under the car seat allows for larger items like packages or a diaper bag. Not super easy to access from all sides of the stroller once the car seat is attached.

Maxi Taxi Review

Zippered parent pocket –

Nice feature included in the price.  Large enough to hold phone, wallet, cash, and keys.  Comes included which we love.

Parent cup holder –

Nice that there is a parent holder included in the price of stroller.  Found it to be a bit wobbly, but still gets the job done for an adult beverage.  And by ‘adult beverage’, I mean an adult sized beverage!

Maxi-Cosi adapters included – 

Another great feature of the Maxi Taxi.  This stroller frame doesn’t limit you to buying only the manufacturers infant car seat.  Accepts Maxi-Cosi Mico and Prezi infant car seats to create a compact, maneuverable travel system.

One-step parking break –

One foot to brake and release, easy to operate in sandals or flip flops (only need to step down, not flip back/up).

Compact/Standing fold –

The Maxi Taxi 2016 version is redesigned with the 3-D sliding fold allowing for a simple and quick fold and unfold, and stores easily in your car.

Maxi Taxi Review


Where to buy

Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi Stroller Frame – $129.99 w/ FREE Shipping!

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Special Edition Infant Car Seat – $189.99 with FREE shipping and returns!

***The lightest premium car seat in its class!***


Thanks for the read, moms and dads.  Check out all the compact stroller reviews HERE to see all of the options we’ve reviewed!


  • Lightweight frame
  • Maneuvers well
  • Comfortable for infants
  • Comes with Maxi-Cosi adapters
  • Compact/standing/easy fold
  • Good price


  • Drink holder a bit wobbly
  • Under seat compartment hard to access with car seat attached
  • Car seat hard to attach at first


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